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SS836L Directional Control Rotary Feeder Valve DN80

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directional control Rotary feeder valve


DN80 Rotary feeder valve


SS836L rotary gate valve

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  • Product Name: Rotary feeder
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Rotary feeder is called as rotary valve or star shape feeder. This special equipment is applicable for unloading, packing, mixing, dust collection, metering, rationing conveying of solid materials (powder, particles and its mixtures) conveying system. The working principle is, by driving motor and reduction gears to turn equi-divided structure impeller inside the shell, then materials from upper silo of the shell or feeder are filled inside cavity of impeller, where materials are discharged along with impeller rotating to the bottom of the shell. Materials can be discharged equably and continuously to the downstream unit according to the conveying system requirements.

Hanrui Rotary Feeder has been awarded 6 national patens and been listed in Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation projects.

Product features:

  • Special shell inlet/outlet section can effectively prevent particle material from extrusion, blocking and shear breaking.
  • Exhaust passage and exhaust nozzle which are designed for pressure balance inside the shell can improve working efficiency and prevent accumulation of materials.
  • The shell and impeller with special structure design can convey very hard, high viscosity, high temperature, electrostatic and ultrafine materials.
  • Food grad and pharmaceutical grade materials can be conveyed.

Main Parameters:

Working Pressure





0.15∽0.35 MPa

>0.35 MPa

Working Temperature


Main Size


Main Type

Air conveying type,dischange type,cleaning type, blow-through type,

eccentric type,wear type,high pressure,high temperature

Main Materials

SS304, SS304L, SS316, 316L, SS836L, WCB, QT500 and etc.

Flange Conn. Rating

ANSI B 16.5 150LB, GB, HG, SH or designated by client


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