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SUS304 Emergency Eyewash Shower Station ANSI Z358.1

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ANSI Z358.1 emergency eyewash shower


ANSI Z358.1 emergency eyewash station


SUS304 emergency eyewash station

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  • Product Name: Emergency eyewash shower
  • Product ID: HR15
  • Product details

Emergency spray eye washer is designed and manufactured according to the USA ANSI Z358.1 Code, Industrial Enterprise Hygiene Standard-TJ36-79” and the requirement of Q/IQUU04-2005”. It is the necessary first-aid devices under the conditions in contact with acid, alkali and other toxic, corrosive mediums. In the event of emergency, emergency spray eye washer is used to spray and wash the hurt parts in order to mitigate harm as minimum level at the accident field, sequentially to provide safeguard service for the site working persons.

Main Performance Parameters

Pressure Rating(MPa)

Flow Rate(L/S)

Applicable Conditions

Nominal Pressure

Working Pressure



Normal Temperature Domestic Water





Materials of Main Accessories

Name of Accessories

Name of Material

Eye Wash Basin


Spray Nozzle


Parts including Piping, Elbow


Configuration of Product

  • Ball valve is used to control spraying and eye washing, with the features of convenient operating, quick open and close, seal and reliable.
  • Stainless steel material is used for main body.
  • When the handle above the emergency spray eye wash is pulled down by force, the spray nozzles will immediately spray dispersing water fog (uniform) top-down with diameter about 300mm and with flow 2~3L/S; When the ball valve of spray eye wash basin is open, water through inlet pipe comes out automatically via Y-type filter and flow

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